Did you know that many tea bags and their packaging contain plastic? This post will consider how to remove plastic from your tea routines and, additionally, how to reduce the waste generated from tea consumption.

  1. Only use reusable tea vessels. If you’re at home, you can use cups and mugs…

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, one thing you can commit to is purchasing items secondhand. This guide will walk you through the steps to make a secondhand mindset at the forefront of your purchasing decisions.

  1. Get familiar with the secondhand options available to you.

Drinking coffee is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is cozy, energizing, and a routine for many people globally. However, drinking coffee can negatively affect the environment. Coffee making supplies are often single-use, people regularly transport their coffee in disposable cups/lids/sleeves, and coffee grounds are more likely to…

As our reliance on technology continues to increase, tech components diminish natural resources, degrade the environment, and contribute to oppressive labor conditions. Consumers need more sustainable tech options!

Technology is a particularly polluting and resource-intensive industry; there are many known issues with the tech industry including:

  • Unethical working conditions for…

If you’ve already selected your wedding venue, it’s quite possible you never heard one thing about sustainability or environmental initiatives, as part of the process. But never fear! There are plenty of things you can still do to make your venue more environmentally friendly.

Stairwell near my wedding ceremony


1. If public transportation is available…

Emily Reimer

Emily Reimer is a reader, writer, advocate, environmentalist, and vegan. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and is working on a Masters in Public Health.

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